Kickstart your institutional repository with content from publishers

I’ve developed a Google Spreadsheet script to help libraries gather information to tackle their greatest challenge regarding institutional repositories: recruiting scholarly content.

Publishers vary in their copyright policies. Some grant no public re-use rights to the published PDF, while others permit authors to upload the published PDF to an institutional repository. Mashing up a list of those publishers against articles written by your faculty would normally be time intensive.

This script leverages Google Scripts and the SHERPA/RoMEO API to automate looking up publisher copyright for individual faculty articles from your institution.

Get started

Grab the code at Detailed implementation instructions are included in the comments. You can also watch this short installation screencast below.

#ACRL2013 poster session materials

sxflynn 3 ACRL 2013 poster

PDF of #ACRL2013 poster handout

sxflynn ACRL handout

Further reading

The Code4Lib Journal – “Using XSLT and Google Scripts to Streamline Populating an Institutional Repository” (2013) – by Stephen X. Flynn, Catalina Oyler, Marsha Miles


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